Friday, April 15, 2011

Election Special
Updated 21 April

THE outrage over the cuts and austerity measures inflicted on us by the ConDem government has had students and workers protest in London and many other parts of the UK for months. Then on March 26 a massive march and rally in London attracted nearly 1 million from every section of the community – so what has it all achieved so far?

Well to be brutal very little. The government is still there; yes there seem to be murmurings of changes to the NHS reforms but if it’s anything like the On Off On forests sell-off don’t expect a climb down soon. Frankly to achieve what we want we have to hit them where it will hurt THEM. Yes the ballot box.

For many the thought of voting is abhorrent but used skilfully we can use their system to defeat them. This May 5 in many parts of the country there will be council elections as well as the referendum on changes to the unfair voting system. The first thing to bear-in-mind is if there is only a Tory or LibDem standing, a vote for either is a vote for cuts – so don’t vote. The idea in this case is to get the percentage of people voting as low as possible – that takes away their legitimacy for making decisions. By all means vote in the referendum.

On the other hand if there are numerous Party’s standing, tactical voting is a must. Carefully study the flyers sent out by the candidates, see if they say they’re against the cuts, vote for them (unless it’s the BNP or similar). On the other hand if they just prattle on about all the wonderful things they’ll do if elected, challenge them about their position on the cuts policy in the street - or on the doorstep if they call on you. Let them know you won’t be voting for them if they support cuts, and you will let family and friends know they support cuts.

So far we know of one candidate in Worthing who has pledged to fight the cuts, he is
Mike Barrett - Labour Party – fighting the Selden Ward.

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No Election in Adur this year

To be continued.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

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