Brilliant response to protest

THERE was a brilliant response from the Worthing public to our protest in the town centre on Saturday.

The Worthing Solidarity Network event coincided with the Ukuncut national day of action against corporate tax dodgers and this was taken up as the theme of the day.

Our prominent stall in Montague Place attracted loads of interest from shoppers and a thousand leaflets were handed out.

People are really understanding the link between the cuts being imposed on ordinary people and the huge profits still being gathered in by Big Business tycoons with the approval of their friends in the Conservative Party. 

We also staged a mass tour of some of the worst Fat Cat tax dodging companies in Montague Street, demonstrating peacefully but noisily with chants, megaphone and banners outside Vodafone, Topshop, Boots and BHS.

Police were out in force to protect the corporate sector from our crack team of protesters and formed lines outside the front of all the shops mentioned, thus adding to the spectacle and drawing yet more interest from the public.

With public anger at Tory policies rising every day, these protests are only going to get bigger and bigger in the months ahead!

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