Tory governments for a generation, that’s the view of some political commentators following the referendum and the local elections.

Clearly should such a doomsday prediction actually happen the gap between those who have and those who have not will grow even wider. The welfare system and the NHS built up by the taxpayer since the late forties is likely to be handed over to the private sector and broken up, in short millions of hard working citizens hoping to have security in times of poor health or unemployment will have been betrayed.

In many ways what we are seeing is a rerun of the seventies when the Jim Callaghan government was brought down and we all know who followed him – an iron lady with a chainsaw in her handbag eager to chop the NHS and everything state owned.

However today there is a subtle difference. The government we have now is led by what could be called a bunch of Oxbridge spivs. You know the slippery fast talking salesman eager to sell you that one careful owner car yet forgets to tell you the car is made up of 2 wrecked halves.

So how can we prevent a disaster to all we cherish? Clearly the voters were conned by the spivs so electoral methods won’t do it. However there is a more powerful way – the legal route.

At a recent meeting of the Worthing Alliance a talk was given on how the judicial review process coupled with direct action can be used to prevent the governments wrecking tactics. That talk is likely to be repeated at the Worthing Solidarity Network meeting June 15th. Don’t miss it!

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